Lemons for Limes is only 120 days old

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Trading Etiquette

Members can specify in the comments section of their item for trade how they would like to handle pick up. Some members like to arrange a day and time and have you pick the fruit or harvest the vegetables straight from their garden. Some members want to arrange a time to have you pick it up from their porch. Each individual trade will be different. If a member has indicated that they prefer you pick it up from their porch and has not offered face to face contact please pick up your produce quietly from the porch and don't to ring the doorbell or disturb them.

Please make sure your trading produce is fresh. Other members have the ability to rate you on your trade. Keep in mind, in some weather you may not be able to leave certain kinds of produce outside because it may not hold up well outside. You may chose to put your trading produce in a cooler on your porch marked "lemons for limes trades" with a gel pack made for refrigerated items. You may also choose not to trade types produce that won't hold up well in your climate.