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1.  What is this site about?

» This site is a trading platform for gardeners to connect easily with other gardeners for the purpose of sharing the bounty of their harvest with each other.
2.  How can I contact a user about an item I'm interested in?

» In order to contact a member about an item, you must first be a registered member. After you register and log in you can go the the "Compose Msgs" tab and send a message to another member, using their user name. You can also click on the orange "Send Message" icon shown next to a users listing or wish, or start a live chat if they are online.
3.  What kind of bags should I place my produce in for pick up?

» When bagging your produce please recycle! Please re-use plastic or paper bags, even clean produce bags that you have received from the grocery store. Use whatever bag seems best for the size and type of produce that you are trading.
4.  What is your policy on spam?

» We are proud to have a strict policy against unsolicited bulk e-mail and against sharing e-mail addresses with third parties.
5.  Can I claim more than one bag at a time?

» Yes, if you would like two bags of something simply claim one, and then go back and claim another.
6.  Can I mix different kinds of produce in one bag?

» No, please keep each type of produce separate, that way gardeners on the receiving end have more flexibility to get only the produce that they want.
7.  How much produce should I place in each bag for a trade?

» Please check our "suggested trade amounts", always err on the side of being generous with your fellow gardeners.
8.  How will trading members know the bags are for a lemonsforlimes.com trade?

» You may print out labels from our "print logo" page to stick on the bags. Our "print logo" page is compatible with Avery labels 5164 and 3M labels 3200-U. You can also print out the labels on plain paper, cut them out and tape them to the bags.
9.  Do my credits ever expire?

» No, as long as your membership does not expire. You can save your credits for as long as you like and use them whenever you wish
10.  What if I don't see any produce available in a nearby area?

» lemonsforlimes.com is a platform for you to trade with your gardening friends. Invite three or four of you gardening friends to join to and trade with you. Encourage them to invite three or four of their gardening friends. Soon you will have many trading opportunities in your area.
11.  What if it is too warm to leave produce out on my porch?

» Some times of the year it will be too warm to trade delicate produce. Please keep this in mind. It is important to have good quality fresh produce for your gardening neighbors. You may also choose to put your trading produce in a cooler on your porch marked "lemonsforlimes trades" with a gel pack inside made for refrigerated items.
12.  How much does a membership cost?

» A membership is only $ 5.95 a year. For your convenience you membership will automatically renew until you cancel it so that you don't lose the points you have accumulated. One dollar of each yearly membership goes to drill wells in communities that are in desperate need of clean water.
13.  Can I purchase more points?

» 5 points are given with the initial membership just to get you started trading. Lemons for Limes is a produce exchange. It benefits everyone not to pay for produce, so you can give away produce to accumulate points, but you cannot purchase points. However there is no limit to the amount of trade transactions you can make with your membership. If you have a small space to garden google "small spaces gardening". You will be surprised how much produce you can grow for your family, and to trade!
14.  How can I tell how much of my produce has been claimed?

» Go to "my items", then "listed produce", for your product, such as lemons click on the "edit tab". In "quanity" it will show you how many bags have not yet been claimed.
15.  Why use this site?

» There are so many reasons to use this site.

More tomatoes than you know what to do with? List them on lemonsforlimes to share with others and at the same time earn points to trade for types of produce you don't have in your garden.

What's for dinner? Go on lemonsforlimes.com and see what is fresh out of the garden!

Will only fresh garden peaches do for your famous peach pie? Search for peaches in your area or list peaches as a "wish" and be notified when they become available.
16.  How do I create a listing?

» In order to create a listing, you must first be a registered user. After you register and log in, go the the "List Produce" tab, select a category and fill in the rest of the fields. Be sure to read the additional copy below the "Add Item" button, before you click on the "Add Item" button.
17.  What types of files can I upload as an image for my listing?

» We recommend uploading a gif or a jpeg when posting a picture. These file types are usually small and will work with our system quite well.
18.  Do I have any obligations?

» Your obligations are set out in the site's Terms and Conditions which you have read and agreed to as part of your registration.
19.  How do I earn points to trade for produce?

» For every bag of produce you list, and someone claims, you earn one point. You can then use that point at anytime in the future to claim a bag of produce from another member.