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Please Read Before Adding Your Produce Listing

Please make sure your trading produce is fresh. Other members have the ability to rate you on your trade. Unless you say otherwise in the comment section it is assumed that the produce is on your porch ready for pick up. If you choose this method of trading list a "pick up by" date in the comments section. Keep in mind, in some weather you may not be able to trade certain kinds of produce this way because it may not hold up well outside. In this case you have a few options. You may choose to put your trading produce in a cooler on your porch (or other location) marked "lemons for limes trades" with a gel pack made for refrigerated items. Or In the comments section here you can make any other arrangements for pick up that you like such as: "Please email me after you have claimed my produce to arrange a pick up time" or "After you have claimed my fruit please email me to arrange a time to pick the fruit off my tree". If you ask them to email you don't forget to list your email address!

Before bringing any produce back in from your porch please check to make sure that someone has not claimed it. They may be on the way to pick it up. Please delete your listing at lemonsforlimes.com before taking any unclaimed produce off your porch.

When bagging your produce up please recycle. Please re-use plastic or paper bags that you have received from the grocery store. You can print out lemonsforlimes logos to identify them at our  "print logo" tab. The logo printing page is compatible with Avery 5164 or 3M 3200-U shipping labels. You can also print them on plain paper and tape the logos to the bags.