Lemons for Limes is only 120 days old

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The first member with this site adds a produce item that they would like to share with other members by going to "List Produce" and providing the information required, the first member then puts the produce out for pick up after carefully reading the freshness caution in the bottom of the list produce section, and taking steps to make sure the produce that they are trading will be fresh for the second member.

The second member who would like to find some available produce goes to "Find Produce" does a radius search from their zip code, locates the produce listed by the first member then clicks to claim the type of produce listed by the first member, When the second member clicks to claim a bag of produce from the first member, the first member earns a point and the second member spends one of their points. The second member is provided with a map to the first member''s house, The second member picks up the bag of produce on the porch on on the property where the first member has specified and leaves quietly without disturbing the first member.

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